Besides having numerous youth classes at the Region 10 Championship the past few years we have had a Youth Lunge with a face painter and a Youth Scavenger Hunt sponsored by the South Dakota Youth.

Saturday night of the show there is a special awards presentation for the presentation of Region 10 scholarship recipients and for the Youth Team Tournament. Region 10 awards the champion team tournament teams and the top ten individuals in this competition.

The Team Tournament competition is a team and individual awarded competition for youth. In the competition one youth can show up to two horses in two different divisions on two different teams. If you are interested in getting involved with this program please contact your regional youth director at large or your club youth coordinator.

Each year the Region 10 Director or Vice Director attends three AHYA Board meetings a year. This past year the meetings were held at the Regional Directors meeting in Denver CO (March Meeting), AHYA Convention at Youth Nationals in Albuquerque NM, and AHA Convention in Lexington KY. During these meetings the regional directors plan and organize AHYA activities and event. Each Youth Director or Vice Director has to be on at least two committees. The committees cover many different areas that are youth related and any AHA Youth can join a committee.